What a Difference a Day Makes

Our First Kiss

The First Kiss

I have met a light.. not just any light… but my light. She has reopened a portion of my life that I thought was closed forever. And all I had to do was let her in. It was that simple. Dropping guard is something I never do, until now. I have been missing so much life worrying about the things that I should be doing and not doing the things I should. I have had trouble learning to follow my bliss; so to speak. It a practice daily. Letting it go. It’s funny; from this position it seems that I have a bit more perceived control than from clutching on to everything for dear life. And now.. EVERYTHING has changed. A) I am getting married. 10-8-2011. B) We have our own place which I will be moving my stuff into today 🙂 C) I am leaving my current job and going to school full-time at MCC. Turns out the credits that I had from Goodwin are not applicable and non transferable so… I am starting from scratch. Just the way I like; a fresh start. Yes it will take me quite a bit of time to finish but I always go the long way home. So now I am sitting in a peaceful, pleasant place with someone I love dearly and whom with I will have a constant path of growth. I feel like a blooming rose. *sigh* Namaste.


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