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Professor’s Tango

Professor’s Tango

I seek your approval.

A nod

A glance


A sign

You see the talent

I am convinced

I contain

I seek your acceptance.

Of my work

Of the alliteration

Of my eviscerations

On a page

I believe YOU

Contain spells

That will


Convince me

Of my brilliance

I seek to find fear.

I have said too much

Or not enough

I seek your understanding.

I want you

To know that

I sit

In the back

I realize

That my energy



I do not ask questions

For fear of looking foolish

Or losing my composer

But I do not explain this


Have I upset you?

Should I have not withheld?

I seek for you to win.

To show me the world

So I can dissect it

Until it no longer bares

Any resemblance

To its original form

I seek for you too lead.

You are not the first

You will not be

The last