To Be List

  1. An Emory Student.
  2. An Attendee at Eddie’s Attic for a Civil Wars’ show.
  3. A fluent speaker of spanish
  4. A fluent speaker of french
  5. A published author
  6. A PA-C
  7. A Yoga Instructor
  8. An herbalist
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My life is constantly evolving in ways that I hadn’t even imagined. I moved out and into my moms for a while. I found a new place of my own and move in  November 1st. Through it all, I am kicking ass at school and preparing for Emory. Everything is already in place.. I have spoken with the head of the Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology Program (if for no other reason, just so that he will remember my name..lol). I have professors to write recommendations, an adviser that is aiding in the transfer and the grades and extracurricular activities I need. I will need to retake my SAT’s (yuck) and I just have to keep myself on the ball and keep getting the grades that I have been getting. Each day I leave MCC exhausted but delirious with accomplishment and I can sleep easy.  Maybe its school, maybe its the reality that I am going forward making it all happen.. I don’t know but I just feel different. I am no longer angry at those I have lost, I am not angry for the hurt they caused. Every single one of them made me stronger and more resilient. I was searching for it and reaching for it untill I realized that it was mine all along. I am complete and whole and capable of all that I dream and wish. Every single day I prove it to myself as I continue on this adventure I have set out on. Yesterday was amazing.  Today is great. I will make tomorrow a good day. Each day will be of my choosing… and I am never going back.


Fruitful fruitful fruitful

The amount of time that I spend busy really means little in comparison to the amount of time I spend being fruitful. If nothing is coming from my business, then of what good is it. Things have been amazing. Really, more than amazing. I have set up plans to attend two different schools; one to complete my associates in general studies and one to get credit toward classes for my bachelors in neuroscience and behavioral biology. I am too excited for words on beginning these classes in January :). I feel like all of a sudden, He woke me up. I fell in love with Him, and he woke me up!! As I’m writing, that I got goose bumps all over my head :). I feel like He just took over my eyes and now I can see what I am supposed to do. And I love it.

And to top it all off. I am seriously, wonderfully in love. With, of all people, my high school sweetheart. I adore her in every way. It seems like every time I give myself up as an offering, the most amazing things happen. So now I am working on the art of allowing. My biggest hurdle.  I ask for things in faith but I do not allow them into my life because I have felt unworthy. But that ends here and now. That is a cycle that I saw presented in my parents and I no longer with to continue on that path. I am deserving of beauty in life because I am a co-heir with Christ. He has come so that I may have a life and have it more abundantly. I am aware of that now. I am waking up. Thank you Lord.