Thoughts on Love and Death

I got into a fun little convo on facebook the other day and would like to know how others feel about the follow statements..

‎”What else is there to write about but love and death?” Nora Pollard

    • C.M – The everything that happens in between?

    • Ticina Cotto but even then, you are still writing of the love of something or the death of it….

      Friday at 10:29 ·  ·  1 person
    • C.M. – Not necessarily… I write (this you know) about everything in existence, sometimes love, sometimes death, but mostly of transformation, evolution of the mind, human connections with and without affections… Love is the air of life we all seek to breathe, but it is not only love or mortality that inspires.
    • Friday at 10:51 · 
    • Ticina Cotto

      Wow.. see this was why i missed you so! 😉 And I would disagree. It is my opinion that love is the source, the spark of all creation. So for me, it is impossible to write of anything that does not come from that source or relate to the end of that particular conduit’s end. Whether you are writing about human connections or the evolution of the mind, it would seem that you must take a side on how you feel about those subjects, otherwise there would be nothing to write about or speak of. And if, as you say, Love is the air of life that we all seek to breath, then it can be the ONLY thing that inspires. It is the first cell, the big bang, the spark.. And as it runs it’s course, the energy fades and falls away. I do not view death as the great end, just the great change. And everything changes always and forever…
      Friday at 11:14 ·  ·  1 person
    • C.M. –  But you’ve got to remember, though love is generally the end goal, not everything in creation if borne of it. We always celebrate love but there are many things, some dark and some rich, that have nothing to do with it.
    • Friday at 13:57 · 
    • Ticina Cotto

      If I were using the word “love” as a singular definition, I would have to agree with you. But I am not. Even something described as “being rich” cannot be described as such without the knowledge of lack. The word “rich” itself implies a sense of joy, thickness, comfort and pleasure, words all originating at the point of love; the places of dark that “have nothing to do with it”, are STILL coming from a place of direct contrast. How can one even begin to identify the dark without the juxtaposition of light? Whether you are moving toward, away from or against it, “it” is still the driving force which is moving you. It is only the light that can show us the dark. Both death and love are the infinite matters trying to be grasped by the finite mind. They are the intangible mysteries being explored by the tangible bodies that cover the soul. “Everything in between” is just us meandering through those two points.
      Friday at 16:48 · 

What do you think? I am interested to know how people actually feel about this…


One thought on “Thoughts on Love and Death

  1. Appreciation and Gratitude. We all seek fulfillment but fulfillment can not exist without the the feeling of appreciation. And what should we appreciate. Our own self. The gift of breath and life that we have been given. When we can journey inward to appreciate the beating of our own heart – a feeling of love will manifest. THEN we will know the feeling of love. Then we can truly appreciate the beautiful sunset, the deep blue sea, the kindness of someone. In the meantime write whatever you will. Love, light, darkness, evil – it does not matter.

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