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And the countdown begins….

It’s almost my birthday!!!! And I am a happy girl. This past year brought so much; so many things that I thought would be the end of me but not one of them has passed without some great lesson learned. The grandest lesson I learned in my 28th year of life would have to be that I have been living in the hero’s journey. I have always valued a story of great uprising; the story of second chances has ruled my heart and mind so much that I have manifested great trials in my life in order to overcome them. But it then occured to me, what if I could just be the greatness that I am whitout manifesting the trial? What if I learned how to gather information from the mistakes of others rather than creating the mistakes myself? What would it mean to my life if I no longer had the hero’s journey to cling to? The best thing that could have happened to me this year is learnng to love the questions themselves… learning to live the questions out becasue the answers could not be given to me any other way. So in the last 28 days of my 28th year I make a few promises to myself.

  1. Ticina, you are a gem. A rarity that is still in the process of being unearthed. I will cherish and love you with everything that I have.
  2. I will be gentle with you while in the process of forming better habits for I know that positivity will trump negativity every time.
  3. I will say kind uplifting words to you always and accept forgiveness and mercy as freely as they have been given, which is always and forever enduring.
  4. I will sit in awe and wonder with you as you marvel at your scholastic aptitude and will urge you to always keep trying for the best on this journey.
  5. If you ever lose your hope, I will be there to remind you that the best is always yet to come.
  6. I will never allow you to give up on any dream that God has placed on your heart.
  7. I will help you to make this life a work of art.
  8. I will be with you always.

This term I finished with a 3.55 and I am very very proud of myself. I never gave up and now I am living in the harvest. I have a wonderful partner, a fantastic apartment, I am able to devote my full focus to my studies and a peace in my heart that is pushing me toward clarity. This is my year. I can feel it.


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