Fruitful fruitful fruitful

The amount of time that I spend busy really means little in comparison to the amount of time I spend being fruitful. If nothing is coming from my business, then of what good is it. Things have been amazing. Really, more than amazing. I have set up plans to attend two different schools; one to complete my associates in general studies and one to get credit toward classes for my bachelors in neuroscience and behavioral biology. I am too excited for words on beginning these classes in January :). I feel like all of a sudden, He woke me up. I fell in love with Him, and he woke me up!! As I’m writing, that I got goose bumps all over my head :). I feel like He just took over my eyes and now I can see what I am supposed to do. And I love it.

And to top it all off. I am seriously, wonderfully in love. With, of all people, my high school sweetheart. I adore her in every way. It seems like every time I give myself up as an offering, the most amazing things happen. So now I am working on the art of allowing. My biggest hurdle.  I ask for things in faith but I do not allow them into my life because I have felt unworthy. But that ends here and now. That is a cycle that I saw presented in my parents and I no longer with to continue on that path. I am deserving of beauty in life because I am a co-heir with Christ. He has come so that I may have a life and have it more abundantly. I am aware of that now. I am waking up. Thank you Lord.


2 thoughts on “Fruitful fruitful fruitful

    • ticina says:

      Rachel, In all seriousness, I am in complete awe of who you have become. You family and life is richly blessed. I’ve read through your blog and found so much of your insights inspiring in so many ways. Thank you for your honesty. As far as finding peace, super yes. and Lindsay triple yes!! 🙂 Funny how some things will find their way full circle.

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